Job Announcement
– Accepting applications!

Position: Counter Extremism Program Coordinator 

Work Schedule: 40 hr/week with a willingness to occasionally accommodate unconventional hours including some nights and weekends.  

Salary: $42-45,000 per year, non-exempt 

Benefits: Health, Vision & Dental Insurance, employment retirement match, routine office closures, generous personal leave, flexible work hours.    

Location: Helena MT or remote within Montana  

Requirements: Valid driver’s license, willingness to drive to locations throughout Montana for presentations and community engagement.   

About the Montana Human Rights Network(s)  

The Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN)  is a statewide not-for-profit human rights organization that works to expand support for human rights values across the state and promotes policies that recognize, respect, and fulfill every Montanan’s human rights. We challenge bigotry and discrimination, support marginalized people, and advocate for legislation that honors everyone’s basic rights. The Network was founded in 1990 in response to significant white supremacist and militia organizing in the state and region.  

About the Program Coordinator Position 

MHRN’s counter extremism program works to identify, track, monitor and mitigate the influence of white nationalism and far-right extremism throughout Montana. The program coordinator is an integral member of the MHRN team, leading efforts on extremism research, reporting, community organizing and public education.  The program coordinator is responsible for independently conducting routine monitoring of extremist groups and individuals through opposition research and social media monitoring.  This role requires strong reading comprehension and writing skills with an ability to communicate complex movements and ideologies to a variety of audiences such as communities facing extremist activity, to the press, allied organizations, and journalists.    


Subject Matter Interest & Research Skills 

In-depth research and monitoring of far-right extremism and anti-democratic movements is difficult work.  The program coordinator will routinely observe and read extremely bigoted and harmful statements including but not limited to blatantly transphobic, homophobic, antisemitic, racist, xenophobic, and factually untrue statements about many marginalized individuals and groups. An ability to navigate this content with strong boundaries and clarity of purpose is essential to long-term success in the role. 


  •  You have experience in research and an interest in the study of hate and hate groups. Research interests in the study of racism, transphobia, and antisemitism are especially encouraged.

  • You love writing and understand how to write for different audiences.  You have strong reading comprehension and enjoy diving in depth on various topics and helping others connect dots, see the big picture, and break myths and mistruths apart!

  • You have the interest and capacity to learn about various technologies like sock puppet accounts and burner phones that help MHRN researchers protect their identities. 

A Spirit of Service 

As the primary point of contact for folks looking for support when extremism makes itself known, you are a strong communicator with excellent organizational skills capable of keeping track of developing situations and maintaining open lines of communication in changing circumstances.  (think: a local bookstore who has become a target of vitriol for hosting a drag story hour during a Pride celebration, or neo-Nazis are planning a summit in a rural town). 

  • You are a clear and empathetic communicator who can help folks move past fear into action in intentional and strategic ways.

  • You are experienced with or eager to dive into best practices in community organizing in ways that center the needs of people targeted by extremism and help communities build solidarity, safety, and belonging.

  • You are creative and innovative, always open to exploring new tactics and ideas and eager to refine methods to improve outcomes and impact.

  • You can find ways to build relationships and communicate with local officials who may appreciate or resent MHRN’s presence in local situations. 


Collaboration and Camaraderie 

  • You have a record of success in cross-cultural collaboration or are eager to grow your skills in working effectively with diverse groups of people of all ages, races, ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, religions, and ability levels.

  • You strive to be a positive role model by demonstrating enthusiasm for your work, and a commitment to ethics, fairness, flexibility, and trust.  You are 100% down to display a no-compromise commitment to human rights and the MHRN mission.

  • You’re good with a virtual workplace. While MHRN has a physical office in Helena, our workplace is remote, requiring a willingness to build camaraderie and collaborate with remote staff in our virtual workplace.   

Core Responsibilities 

This is a full-time non-exempt position, supervised by the Executive Director.  In this role, routine responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  1. Review, analyze, and archive research materials, which includes conducting daily and weekly monitoring of extremist groups, social media channels, and communications.

  2. Maintain systems and processes for gathering information and materials from organizations, groups, and individuals of interest.

  3. Compile new information with existing research to update and create issue briefs, reports, and summaries that enable individuals, groups, and communities to understand extremist movements and organize against extremist activities in ways that center safety, belonging, and solidarity. 

  4. Develop & maintain strategic relationships with regional and national allies that conduct extremism research and/or organize against far-right extremism.

  5.  Prepare and deliver public talks, lectures, webinars and presentations on far-right extremism.

    Organize, lead, and host workshops, meetings, and community actions. 

  6. Conduct research on extremist policies and politicians. Prepare and deliver testimony on anti-democratic, pro-militia, or other extremist policies. 


  7. Comply and help improve digital security protocols and operate with an eye to safety for the communities we serve and the MHRN board and staff.


  8. Work with other staff to assist with event coordination, materials production, email alerts, and other tasks.



To Apply 

You may have caught on that we’re looking for a well-rounded superstar to join our team. If you’re feeling like you don’t have a platinum record (yet!), don’t let a skills or confidence gap get in your way of applying — we would love to hear from your talented self and are keen to reframe goals and responsibilities for the right individual. 

Please submit a resume and cover letter stating your interest in the position, why you would like to be considered for the position, and the skills, knowledge, and/or experience you have that makes you think this is a fit!  We are eager to fill this position and will be accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Our process involves a review of application materials, a brief phone interview and finalist interviews via zoom.  In the event we are unable to render a decision after finalist interviews, we may request an additional interview or writing exercise. We will continue to  review applications until we have selected three finalists for the position.

Please send application materials to with “Counter Extremism Program Coordinator” in the subject line.  The priority deadline is June 15 at 12pm.  To check if we are still accepting applications return to this post and look for “accepting applications” at the top of the page. 

Thank you! 


It’s over. The 2023 Montana Legislative Session has officially closed, and we are grateful for all of the calls, emails, rage, tears, hugs, laughter, and deep conversations we shared with you.  

We always knew it was going to be rough. We faced this session knowing many bad bills were going to pass, but not without a fight from Montanans like you who genuinely care about freedom, equality, and justice.  

We never imagined the vitriol, attempts to silence constituents and legislators, and attacks on our essential rights would be so aggressive. Call us optimists, but we thought legislators could focus on the biggest problems facing the state instead of corrosive culture wars.  

In the midst of this worthless chaos, legislators passed a massive stack of bills that organizations like Upper Seven Law and the ACLU of Montana will be fighting in the months and years ahead. Please take a few moments to send them a donation so we can overturn unconstitutional laws and stop extremists from trying to control your personal lives and private decisions.  

But it’s not all bad news. Here’s a list of accomplishments we won’t forget from the 2023 Legislative Session. 

  • Working with amazing coalition members to educate and engage Montanans on Equality Day, February 20. Sending out a huge thank you to Forward Montana, Montana Women Vote, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, EmpowerMT, TransVisible Montana, Blue Mountain Clinic, and BridgerCare for their organizing power that day!

  • Drag show and drag story hour at the Capitol on April 13. Joy and resistance emanated from every dazzling performer!  If you missed it, check out some great photos here !

  • Destruction of HB 234, which would have given school librarians criminal penalties for following local school districts’ guidelines on adding books to library collections.

  • Major wins for Indigenous sovereignty ! Bills supporting Indian Education for All, a Montana version of the Indian Child Welfare Act, and revisions to Montana’s Indian Language Preservation program all passed and are waiting for Gov. Gianforte’s signature. Stay tuned for updates on this legislation as Montana American Indian Caucus members try to replace details that were removed during the legislative process.

  • Presenting facts to reporters and the public every damn day. Extremists were counting on little to no resistance to their misinformation campaigns, but voters and highly skilled professionals weren’t quiet.

  • Massive turnouts to important hearings! Thank you to every single one of you who took time out of your workweek to Zoom in or attend hearings in person. Your voices spoke truth to power.  

We are incredibly proud of everything Montanans accomplished TOGETHER under such hostile conditions. Thank you for your persistence! Let’s keep showing up and pushing back against GOP legislators’ attempts to silence us!

Honoring Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

May 5 is a National Day of Awareness for all missing and murdered Indigenous Women and girls. Today, we remember all Native girls and women who were victims of kidnapping and murder. Far too many are still missing or their cases have no been thoroughly investigated. 

We call special attention to the recent death of Mika Westwolf, who died after a hit-and-run incident in April. Details in public information and local reports lead us to believe this tragedy should be investigated as a hate crime.  Read more here



Last week, GOP members of the Montana Legislature demanded censure of  Representative Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) after she made statements holding members accountable for approving SB 99, which would remove healthcare for transgender youth in Montana. 

Rep. Zephyr was not officially censured, but House Speaker Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) has since refused to allow Rep. Zephyr to speak on the floor. The majority of Republicans in the House voted to support Regier in order to silence Rep. Zephyr. 


We are asking everyone to take 3 minutes and call the Capitol switchboard on Monday morning to politely tell Regier and their Representative that silencing, censuring, or expelling Rep. Zephyr is unacceptable. Read below for tips and sample scripts for your call. 

  • Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 anytime from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  • We’re suggesting calls instead of emails so that everyone in the Capitol is aware that Montanans reject this attempt to silence Rep. Zephyr and her constituents.

  • Please keep your comments short and polite. GOP legislators are to blame for this situation, not the operators taking your call. Also, your comments are on the public record, so make sure you are representing yourself well.

    Sample scripts

    Feel free to adapt these scripts or create your own short message.

    “Hello, this is [your name] calling from [your city]. I would like to leave a message for House Speaker Matt Regier and my Representative.” (You can look up your Representative’s name here .)

    Example 1
    “Rep. Zooey Zephyr should not be punished for holding legislators accountable for supporting anti-LGBTQ+ bills like SB 99. Taking away healthcare from Montana youth is wrong, and Rep. Zephyr was well within her rights to speak up for her constituents and transgender Montanans.”

    Example 2
    “Silencing Rep. Zooey Zephyr is an attempt to silence a legislator who has first-hand experience with the suffering and discrimination that SB 99 will cause. I urge you to stop infringing on Rep. Zephyr’s freedom of speech and her responsibilities as a legislator.”

    Example 3
    “Rep. Zooey Zephyr’s warning against terrible legislation like SB 99 was completely appropriate and necessary. Please listen to transgender youth, their families, and medical experts who keep warning us that anti-LGBTQ+ legislation like SB 99 and SB 458 will harm Montanans.”

    If you prefer email, you can send one here or sign this petition to support Rep. Zephyr.

    Support for the long haul

    You can support transgender, nonbinary, and Two Spirit Montanans all year long by donating to our community care fund. Through this fund we offer support groups to transgendernonbinary, and Two Spirit Montanans and fun community-based events like the annual Campout, Pride events, and game nights. 

    Please raise your voice and speak out against bills and actions that could harm our LGBTQ+ and gender diverse friends and neighbors!


Only two weeks left in the 2023 Montana Legislative Session! We’re giving our time and attention to the bills listed below, but our top priority this week is defending First Amendment rights and transgender rights by supporting Rep. Zooey Zephyr.  

Please take a few moments to send her a message of support and tell House Speaker Matt Regier and House Republicans that it unacceptable to silence Rep. Zephyr or anyone because they’re having an emotional reaction to hearing the consequences of the anti-transgender legislation they’re passing.  

Keep reading for bill updates! 


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Angelina González-Aller,

Cherilyn DeVries,


Last week, multiple Flathead-area community members reported to MHRN that an Indigenous woman was murdered by an alleged White nationalist. According to community reports, the White nationalist intentionally ran down the Indigenous woman with a vehicle. 


Based on these details and the name of the victim, MHRN found media reports detailing the death of Mika Westwolf, who was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle on Highway 93 near White Coyote Road on March 31st. The Montana Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident. Community members also provided MHRN with the name of the alleged perpetrator, Sunny White. In further research, MHRN came across information that lent credibility to claims that Sunny White ascribes to extremist, White nationalist ideology.  

Photo: Mika Westwolf


A Missing Endangered Person Advisory issued by Butte-Silver Bow Law Enforcement details that White had been charged with vehicular homicide earlier this month, and her children were removed from her care. The alert also announced White broke into a Butte residence and illegally took her children. Her children’s names clearly indicate her support for white nationalist ideals. Her four-year-old daughter is named “Aryan,” and her two-year-old son is named “Nation.” 


Since the investigation is ongoing, there are still many unanswered questions. One of those questions is whether this murder was premeditated, as some claim. A current rumor is that White told the arresting officer that she had come to the Flathead Reservation to kill an Indigenous person. MHRN is unable to verify that accusation at this time. However, we know without a doubt that, when White nationalists decide to act on their beliefs, Indigenous, Black, people of color, and Jewish, and LGBTQ+ Montanans are targeted. Therefore, we call on the Montana Highway Patrol to fully investigate this murder, including White’s possible motivations, and for prosecutors to pursue hate crimes charges if they apply. 



Shawn Reagor,

Cherilyn DeVries,


Montana Free and Fair Coalition Condemns “Freedom Caucus” Malicious Attack on Rep. Zooey Zephyr

Underhanded call for “civility” intentionally and repeatedly misgendered Montana’s first transgender state representative


Helena – The Free & Fair Coalition strongly condemns the hostile statement made by the “Freedom Caucus” on April 18 to censure Representative Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) for her salient and appropriate floor statements intended to hold SB 99 supporters accountable for the harm that this bill will cause youth across Montana.

In a statement released on Twitter, the “Freedom Caucus”, a group of Montana’s most conservative and extremist legislators, repeatedly misgendered Rep. Zephyr, while demanding her censure. The letter also contained false and misleading statements regarding Rep. Zephyr’s statements, further evidencing the discrimination and aggression that transgender, nonbinary, Two Spirit, and intersex people have faced during the 2023 Legislative Session. The intentional, public disrespect of Rep. Zephyr’s identity is not only cruel, but also discourages other transgender Montanans from engaging in our political processes, including seeking political office.


The statement is replete with misinformation regarding the discussion of SB 99 on the House floor on April 18. It repeats misleading and inaccurate information regarding healthcare for transgender individuals, which has been repeatedly refuted by local physicians and national medical professional organizations. While Rep. Zephyr’s statements were intended to emphasize the dire circumstances that SB 99 will cause for innumerable youth in Montana, much of the anti-transgender comments from legislators during hearings and floor discussions, by contrast, have been gratuitously dehumanizing and purposefully harmful.


It is clear that anti-LGBTQ2S+ rhetoric amplified by the “Freedom Caucus” is harming Montanans. LGBTQ2S+ organizations are reporting an increase in crisis calls from LGBTQ2S+ community members and reports of anti-LGBTQ2S+ slurs and physical assaults. Recently, an emergency room physician sent a letter to every legislator stating that a teen receiving emergency care for mental health distress told providers that they were in crisis because, “[m]y state doesn’t want me.” 


The “Freedom Caucus’” attempt to falsely accuse Rep. Zephyr of “hate” for openly objecting to SB 99 and the precise suffering it will cause is a crude attempt to shut down honest discussions about the impact and intent of this bill and sets a dangerous precedent. Their ongoing support of bills that attack LGBTQ2S+ rights, amplify degrading commentary, and ignore medical expertise is proof that they are not genuinely interested in having constructive, civil, fact-based discussions with transgender, nonbinary, Two Spirit, and intersex people, who have repeatedly told legislators that they want the freedom to live their lives without government interference. 


Basic human rights like privacy and freedom of speech are not up for debate. If the “Freedom Caucus” wants to live up to its name, then it should stop misleading the public and support every Montanan’s right to freely live their authentic lives.

The Free and Fair Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals united to protect LGBTQ+ Montanans and their essential rights.


ACLU of Montana


Blue Mountain Clinic


Forward Montana

Montana Human Rights Network

Montana Women Vote

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana

TransVisible Montana

Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center


The 2023 Montana Legislature has been full of chaos and vitriol, but we’re not giving in. We’re meeting the attack campaigns on essential rights and the people we love with determination. 
We have the power to keep speaking up and celebrate everything we love about Montana! Please join us on Thursday, April 13 in Helena to resist all of the anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-drag legislation during this session. Here are the events planned with Montana Pride, drag performers, and other organizations for a day of joy and resistance! 

  • 11 am – Drag Show & Rally on the Capitol steps

  • 3:30 pm – Drag Story Hour,  Capitol 

  • 7 pm – Drag Trivia, Western Bar at 406 N Last Chance Gulch, Helena


For this event, members of the Montana Drag Community are encouraged to attend in drag, if possible. However, if you are not a member of the Montana Drag Community, organizers respectfully ask that you not attend in drag, but instead wear lavender clothing to identify yourself as an ally to the Montana Drag Community. 

Until then, please read on and send a few messages to your legislators about the bills we’re resisting or cheering on.

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Every legislative session is demanding, and the sheer number of bills and the lack of civility made 2023 an especially contentious year. Please take a few moments to send your appreciation to the legislators on this list. Click on their names to get their email addresses, or you can call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 to send 5 legislators a message at once. 

The members of the Montana American Indian Caucus deserve special recognition. Many of these legislators have made courageous statements and laid the foundation years ago for the success that Indigenous sovereignty bills are having in the 2023 session. Please take a few moments to congratulate them on their success.

Sen. Mike Fox (D-Hays) 

Sen. Shane Morigeau (D-Missoula) 

Sen. Jason Small (R-Busby) 

Sen. Susan Webber (D-Browning) 

Rep. Donavon Hawk (D-Butte) 

Rep. Rhonda Knudsen (R-Culbertson) 

Rep. Tyson Running Wolf (D-Browning) 

Rep. Frank Smith (D-Poplar) 

Rep. Sharon Stewart Peregoy (D-Crow Agency) 

Rep. Marvin Weatherwax (D-Browning) 

Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy (D-Box Elder) 


These legislators made key votes and floor speeches that offered hope during some aggressive discussions. We’re grateful that they prioritized the needs of Montana voters over culture wars. 

Rep. Kim Abbott (D-Helena) 

Rep. Laurie Bishop (D-Livingston) 

Rep. Alice Buckley (D-Bozeman) 

Rep. Bob Carter (D–Missoula)

Sen Mary Ann Dunwell (D- Helena)

Sen. Pat Flowers (D-Belgrade) 

Rep. Tom France (D-Missoula) 

Sen. Jen Gross (D-Billings)

Rep. Donavon Hawk (D-Butte) 

Rep. SJ Howell (D-Missoula) 

Rep. Jonathan Karlen (D-Missoula)

Sen. Edie McClafferty (D-Butte) 

Rep. Eric Matthews (D-Bozeman) 

Sen. Shannon O’Brien (D-Missoula) 

Sen. Andrea Olsen (D-Missoula)

Sen. Susan Webber (D-Browning) 

Rep. Zooey Zephyr (D-Missoula) 


We’re in the final weeks of the legislative session, and the news has been tough. Lots of harmful bills had hearings and were passed out of committee this week, and that’s hard on everyone defending LGBTQ+ rights, pushing back against extremism, and protecting reproductive rights.  

We’re not backing down.  

This week and every week, we’re showing up at the Capitol and online to state facts and reject attacks on our constitutional rights and safety. Please keep speaking up. We can’t let extremist legislators think they’ve bullied us into silence.

And if you are able, a donation today helps us keep you informed and ensure that we are able to keep momentum until the session gavels out in May. 


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Governor Greg Gianforte

P.O. Box 200801

Helena, MT 59620-0801

Dear Governor Gianforte, 

From Browning to Broadus and Kalispell to Billings, Montanans at every crossroad agree that people who live in the Treasure State have the right to lives of dignity, safety, and opportunity. Unfortunately, dangerous rhetoric, policy proposals, and actions from the 2023 Montana Legislature threaten this future. Numerous extreme anti-LGBTQ bills threaten Montanan’s abilities to live, work, learn, and play in our beautiful state. Some of the most extreme bills, such as SB 458, would erase the legal existence of our intersex, transgender, nonbinary and Two Spirit friends, relatives, and neighbors. This is not a future any decent Montanan wants.

The Montana legislature is advancing a tidal wave of far-reaching policies that would destroy access to healthcare during pregnancy, deny people’s rights to attend valued cultural events, cut off Montanans’ ability to have accurate identity documents, and prevent parents from making private medical decisions that protect their children’s health and well-being. The hostile, dehumanizing comments and flood of misinformation happening daily in the Capitol is more than an insult to our Montana way of life. It is a dangerous environment where legislators are fanning the flames of discrimination and hostility toward LGBTQ+ Montanans. 

The fallout of this is much more than just a climate of fear. The consideration of these policies, and the rhetoric pushed during their hearings and debates has serious consequences for Montanans. Last month, a transgender woman was hospitalized with very serious injuries after a man shouting slurs and hateful comments about trans people ran her over with his truck. Similarly, a LGBTQ student group at Montana State University has received multiple, violent threats. We are also fielding more crisis calls from people who are afraid to go about their daily lives because of statements from elected officials. Make no mistake, the policies and rhetoric emanating from the Montana legislature have real, dangerous consequences for Montanans across the state.

There is no need for cruel, malicious statements and actions in the Legislature. As the leader of the Montana Republican party, which claims to stand for responsibility and freedom, and against government interference, it is your duty to tell the members of your own party that reckless words and actions are not only unnecessary, they are callous and heartless.

We unequivocally know that bills targeting LGBTQ+ Montanans will harm every Montanan. If these bills pass, healthcare professionals will leave the state rather than subject themselves to government inference restricting their duty to serve their patients. Fewer healthcare providers means longer wait times for everyone, and higher healthcare costs for families forced to seek specialized care out of state. Teachers will retire or move elsewhere to avoid false accusations and ridicule from political operatives working to incite moral panic over queer stories and books. Entrepreneurs will choose to open businesses outside of Montana where they know their talented employees will be able to live in safety, have access to healthcare, make appropriate medical decisions for their children, enjoy excellent public schools, and more. 


The overwhelming majority of these bills are unconstitutional and will be challenged in court. We know it, and the people determined to push these harmful bills also know it. It would even appear that you, Governor Gianforte know this. Why else would you be trying to amass a war chest of taxpayer funds to defend these dangerous, ill-conceived bills? It’s time to stop using the Legislature to unravel essential rights and, instead, choose to build a Montana where everyone has the freedom to live freely and without government intervention. We urge you to be an example of thoughtful leadership for every legislator and Montana resident today and put a stop to this violent rhetoric – before it’s too late.

Signed by members of the Free & Fair Coalition, a group of organizations united to protect LGBTQ+ Montanans and their essential rights:

ACLU of Montana


Blue Mountain Clinic


Forward Montana

Montana Human Rights Network

Montana Women Vote

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana

TransVisible Montana

Western Montana LGBTQ+ Community Center