As an artist, the idea of getting my hands on these hate-filled objects and messing them up was really empowering.”
- Cathy Weber, artist on ‘Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate’

“As the Network echoed, ignoring these groups and hoping they go away does nothing to solve the problem. . .
Ignorance is intolerance's strongest ally.”-Great Falls Tribune Opinion, 8-16-11

“In Montana a rabble is rising.”– Laura Flanders in Blue Grit

"We look[ed] forward to being in Montana working with the Montana Human Rights Network and Native communities. We stand on the precipice of great change."- Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls

“For over 20 years, the Network’s research & grassroots organizing have helped communities respond to right-wing extremists. It’s also extremely useful to call the Network if we need information about what’s going on in MT.” - Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center

" ACTE formed in 2005 in response to hate literature dropped in Anaconda by the white supremacists. The Network immediately helped. Through the years they’ve been supportive in a host of ways; ACTE is proud to be an affiliate."-Anne Dobney, Anaconda Coalition for Tolerance Education President

Who We Are

We are a grassroots, state-based human rights organization in Montana working to promote democratic values such as pluralism, equality and justice; challenge bigotry and intolerance; and organize communities to speak out in support of democratic principles and institutions.
What We Do

We Use a multi-faceted approach to expanding the base for human rights in Montana includes pursuing progressive public policy, exposing the radical right, and supporting local community organizing.
Hate Incident Reporting & Rapid Response Guide

Confidently report incidents of bigotry, intimidation, harassment and violence using the link below. Use the Rapid Response Guide when your community is conforting hate & bigotry. 
Donate Now

Your support helps us respond when communities are targeted with hate and bigotry, and work proactively for human rights. Thank you!
Alerts and Actions

Find the most up-to-date reports, calls to action, and information on human rights in Montana here.

Our Team:

The Network has a dynamic staff and board that work to support our mission. We have staff in Helena, Great Falls and Kalispell. Our board represents various local groups, areas of expertise and specific communities in the state.
  • MHRN

Our History:

In response to white supremacist organizing in Montana in the late 1980s, local groups formed to counter hate activity. In 1990 these groups came together to discuss effective strategies for statewide activity countering bigotry and formed the Montana Human Rights Network.

Our Mission:

To promote democratic values such as pluralism, equality and justice; challenge bigotry and intolerance; and organize communities to speak out in support of democratic principles and institutions.To challenge hate groups and other extremists who use violence and intimidation as tools for political activism.

MHRN realizes this mission by:
  • Organizing local human rights groups.

  • Monitoring and reporting on the activities of the radical right-wing groups in Montana.

  • Developing and pursuing public policy initiatives and holding public officials accountable in the area of human rights.

  • Conducting community education on human rights issues.

  • Working to increase community support and legal protection for groups of people targeted by hate activity.

Our Work:

The Network organizes to expand the base of support for human rights values across the state and promotes policies that recognize, respect, and fulfill every Montanan's human rights. T We know that we are stronger as a progressive movement when we understand that our lives and our identities don't exist in isolation of each other. All of the Network's program areas are connected and aim to recognize the overlap of all of our experiences and communities.

Our Members & Supporters:

The Network has over 2100 members across the state and 7 affiliate groups. Our members are Montanans who share our core values, contribute membership dues, volunteer on activities, and take part in the democratic process from contacting elected officials, testifying at public hearings, showing up at rallies, to writing letters to their local papers. The Network has a larger group of 9,000 supporters who take action in their communities, attend events, and support our work.

"The Anaconda Coalition for Tolerance Education, was formed in 2005 in response to hate literature dropped by a white supremacist group. MHRN immediately helped out with a speaker for a public meeting on white supremacist groups and their agenda. They acted as a sponsor for grants and sent an organizer to help us with ideas on how to grow. Through the years they have sent us films and collaborated on projects. ACTE is proud to be affiliated with this vital and necessary organization." - Anne Dobney, ACTE President

"I think that MHRN's biggest impact is the use of the Human Rights Framework and the need to stand unified for the cause and not throw other allies under the bus to get a half-hearted win. This holds me steadfast in the stability and importance of this organization."- Tammy Miller, Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition
  • Love Lives Here (Flathead Valley)

  • Anaconda Coalition for Tolerance Education - ACTE! (Anaconda)

  • Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance (Ravalli County)

  • Missoula Rises (Missoula)

  • Flathead Reservation Human Rights Coalition (Flathead Reservation)

  • Not In Our Town Billings - NIOT (Billings)

  • Montana Interfaith Network

  • Helena Youth Against Gun Violence

  • Montana Gender Alliance

If your area is not represented on this list, there may still be Network activists working in your community! Contact us for more information on organizing in your area.
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The Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) is a 501c3 organization
PO Box 1509, Helena, MT 59624
(406) 442-5506

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