Our multi-faceted approach to expanding the base 

for human rights in Montana includes

MHRN works to protect and expand human rights at the Montana legislature, city & county government, & national level. The Network works to bring proactive human rights legislation In addition and to stop legislation that hurts our communities.
Progressive Public Policy
Community Organizing
Exposing the Radical Right
Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate Art Exhibit The Montana Human Rights Network acquired 4,000 volumes of white supremacist propaganda from a defecting leader of the World Church of the Creator(now known as The Creativity Movement). The Network decided to use the books to create an art exhibit to stimulate public discussion about bigotry, anti-Semitism, and intolerance. The Network approached The Holter Museum of Art with the idea of using the books to create art for an exhibition. Opened in January 2008, Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate features over 60 pieces contributed by artists from around the country. We hope the dialogue fostered by the Speaking Volumes exhibit will promote discussions regarding the problems that communities face. Only when the roots of bigotry and intolerance are dealt with can we declare victory and view the Speaking Volumes exhibit as representative of our collective past. The exhibit traveled through 2010 to eleven Montana cities. Following the Montana tour, it has traveled to nearly a dozen venues across the country. MHRN likes to host an education series at each location that explores how hate groups exploit and amplify the racism, anti-Semitism, and other forms of bigotry already present in communities.
Arts & Activism

Our multi-issue approach to human rights includes:

MHRN aims to secure legal protections for LGBT Montanans and their families. For 25 years, we have worked to add sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to the Human Rights Act and Bias-Based Crimes statute, pass policy for same-sex relationship recognition, and pass 5 local non-discrimination ordinances. We work to oppose recent anti-Trans measures, support the Gender Alliance and TransVisible Project. By working with the LGBT community and allies, we have built our base of support for equality.
LGBTQ Equality Project
This program area aims to do public education and policy work to ensure that all Montanans have access to their economic human rights. These rights include a livable wage, adequate housing, quality healthcare, and efficient social safety net programs. We work on these issues by engaging ballot measures, holding community events, and working to educate and mobilize Montanans on legislative issues.
Economic Human Rights
Our goal is to educate Montanans about our state's rich history of immigrant contributions, while at the same time creating awareness of the unfair reality of the country's current immigration system. Over the past several years, Montana has faced increasing attacks on the dignity and security of our immigrant and refugee community. We use a foundation of human rights values in an effort to create inclusive and welcoming communities for immigrants to Montana. Montana is home to a number of emerging immigrant communities that can feel isolated and vulnerable. Part of our work is creating communities where recent immigrants can fully participate. This program area works to defend against anti-immigrant and anti-refugee policy while also shifting the narrative about immigration.
Immigrant & Refugee Rights
Confronting Anti-Semitism & Islamophobia
The Networks works to ensure all Montanans can decide if & when they have children & what their families look like. This means access to accurate information, primary & reproductive health care including abortion, & adoption & foster care.
Reproductive Rights
Tribal Soverignty
The Network, as part of the Montana Abolition Coalition, is educating the public about the death penalty and, ultimately, working to repeal the death sentence in Montana.
Death Penalty Abolition
Protecting Public Education