Many folks are seeking ways to understand, respond, and transform the current divisive state of our communities. One remedy is coming to Helena this fall in the form of the Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate art exhibition and its accompanying programming. The story of Speaking Volumes began in 2003 when the Montana Human Rights Networks acquired over 4,100 white supremacist books from the defecting leader of a white nationalist group.

The Network conceived the idea of transforming the books into art that could be used as a tool to organize resistance to white nationalism. Helena’s Holter Museum of Art and activist-artist Katie Knight curated the new exhibition and brought the idea to life. Opening in 2008, the Human Rights Network and the Holter Museum jointly created Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate, which stimulates discussion about the dangers of anti-Semitism, violence, racism, homophobia, and bigotry.

After touring for a decade, Speaking Volumes is returning to Helena for a 10th Anniversary run at the Holter Museum of Art from October 5, 2018, through December 30, 2018. Numerous community organizations are also offering programs that highlight the goal of transforming hate. These partners include the Montana Human Rights Network, Holter Museum of Art, Lewis and Clark Library, Lewis and Clark Library Foundation, YWCA, Myrna Loy Center, Big Sky Unitarian Universalists, Plymouth Congregational Church, Helena Symphony, local educators, and activists. A list of the programmatic events, and more information about the exhibition, can be found at the newly-redesigned

Invitation to Contribute to the 2018 Montana Human Rights Network Exhibition of Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate at the Holter Museum of Art


You are invited to make and share books that address The Transformational Powers of Art.

All books will be displayed as a reading library within the exhibition Speaking Volumes: Transforming Hate, at the Holter Museum of Art in Helena, Montana, from October 4, 2018, through December 30, 2018.

Book content should include images and/or written elements about:

      • Art intended to transform hate

      • The healing power of creativity and art

      • Art as compassion

      • Art and the preservation/practice of human rights

      • Art and the restoration of humanity

Submitted books must meet the following criteria:

      • Books should weigh 5 pounds or less, and be no larger than 16 x 20 x 6 inches.

      • Books can be authored by a single artist or be a collaboration between multiple artists or a group such as a school class.

      • Books should be sturdy enough to withstand gentle handling by many people. Books may contain only one page or many pages.

      • Books may be sculptural or have pages that turn.

      • Artists may choose to repurpose an old book, transforming it into something new.

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