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Gun Group Pushing Militia Ideology in Sheriff Questionnaire

Guns and politics often mix, but the case can be made that the national conversation around guns is at a level not witnessed since the 1990s, a decade which saw the anti-government militia movement reach a violent peak when one of its adherent bombed a federal building in Oklahoma City. While student groups are currently engaging in respectful civil dialogue and utilizing the democratic system, Montana’s most notorious gun group and its founder continue their efforts, which extend well beyond the scope of hunting rifles.

The Montana Human Rights Network is calling on candidates for sheriff throughout Montana to denounce and refuse to answer a questionnaire drafted by Gary Marbut and his Montana Shooting Sports Association. In drafting the candidate survey, Marbut fully crossed the line into openly advocating anti-government “patriot” ideology. While he has an extensive history promoting such ideas, the blatant nature of the questionnaire reveals the core of his beliefs. The Montana Human Rights Network has issued the following advisory brief.
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