The Montana Abolition Coalition
The Network, as part of the Montana Abolition Coalition, is educating the public about the death penalty and, ultimately, working to repeal the death sentence in Montana.
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Death Row Exoneree -Delbert Tibbs

Murder Victim Mom -Diana Cote-

Six Reasons to Support Abolition of the Death Penalty
  1. We cannot release an innocent person from the grave. Since 1976, 160 individuals have been sent to death row and later found innocent.

  2. The death penalty is unfair and unequal. The death penalty is disproportionately applied to people of color and people in poverty.

  3. The death penalty re-victimizes family members. A death sentence prolongs the pain of murder victim family members through decades of appeals and media attention focused not on their loved one, but on the murderer.

  4. The death penalty is much more expensive. Every major cost study ever conducted shows that the death penalty system costs taxpayers at least 2 to 3 times more than a system of life without parole.

  5. The Death Penalty as the Ultimate, Irreversible Denial of Human Rights. The International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was ratified by the U.S. in 1992. Article 5 states,

  6. Montanans are ready. Death sentences and public support for the death penalty are at an all-time low.