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Support Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Graphic designed by Ben Pease

MHRN is committed to supporting the nine sovereign Tribal nations in this state and their goal to establish Indigenous Peoples’ Day as a state holiday. Indigenous youth and elders traveled from across the state to voice their support for Indigenous Peoples’ Day at a committee hearing for SB 141 on Wednesday

SB 141
, introduced by members of the Montana American Indian Caucus, would officially establish Indigenous Peoples Day on the second Monday of October.  Marsha Small, co-founder of Indigenous Peoples Day Montana gave testimony at the hearing and shared this statement with MHRN.

“We thought that we could have a day in Montana to introduce people to both sides of the aisle to get people to know each other on more of a respectful dialogue, to get to know people from their identities, their ancestral lineages. Indigenous people from ancestral lineages such as German, Scottish, English, Siberia, and other global Homelands testified in support of the SB141. Indigenous Peoples’ Day Montana embraces Indigeneity from across the world for we are all Indigenous to one place or another. Let us have a day where we celebrate each other”.  

Let us support SB 141 and the past, present, and future of Indigenous people on this land that we all call home. Members of the Senate Education and Cultural Resources Committee will vote on this bill next week. You can call the Capitol switchboard at (406) 444-4800 or use this online form to urge them to vote yes.