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Contact Information for Legislators & Letters to the Editor!

We can’t say it enough: YOUR VOICE MATTERS. 

Please take the time to contact your legislators and your local media companies to tell them that you support LGBTQ+ rights. Public statements uplifting transgender youth, access to gender-affirming care, the ability to use correct names and pronouns without being bullied, the right to read the books we choose, and more are all under attack during the 2023 Legislative Session. 

Short statements to your legislators and letters in support of LGBTQ+ people are needed across Montana today and in the coming weeks. Read below to find out how you can contact your legislators and send letters to the editor. 

Contacting legislators

Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800 or email them using this online form. Click here to find out who your legislators are. 

Newspapers & media companies 
Most newspapers ask that letters to the editor are less than 300 words long. Click each name below for an online form where you can send your letter. 

Bills in in the Slate of Hate

SB 99 would ban transgender, nonbinary, and Two Spirit people from accessing health care, therapists, and support at school. 

HB 234 is an attempt to override local school boards in order to ban books and create criminal penalties for having “obscene” books in school libraries.

HB 303 is a “conscience” ban which would allow any health care provider to deny medical care to anyone for any reason without consequences.

HB 359 is a ban on drag shows for minors and an attempt to label any drag event host a “sexually oriented business.”

HB 361 is a pro-bullying ban would would remove any consequences for students who deliberately misgender or deadname a fellow student.

SB 458 is a 61-page bill that attempts to erase the existence of transgender, nonbinary and Two Spirit people, eliminate marriage equality, force trans and nonbinary people to misgender themselves on identity documents, and much more. 

SB 413 would allow public school districts to ban sex education in grades below 6th grade, which could mean that students might miss out on crucial information on puberty at a time when they need it most. 

Please let us know if you need more information to write your letter to the editor!