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Black History Month in Montana, February 2023

As Black History Month begins this year, communities across the country are mourning and reckoning once again with a senseless loss. As many remember and name Mr. George Floyd, we at the Montana Human Rights Network wish to begin Black History Month by naming and remembering Mr. Tyre Nichols

The purpose of Black History Month, however, is not rooted in grief or sorrow, though many of us may find ourselves there today. Black History Month celebrates the achievements, joys, contributions, and histories of Black Americans.  Black History month is as essential today as it was at its founding, as White supremacy and discrimination have erased the contributions of Black entrepreneurs, activists, scientists, public servants, and many others from our collective memory.

As states like Florida attempt to erase African American studies from public school curriculum and books on antiracism are segregated in Montana, we are reminded of the importance of taking time to learn, uplift, and celebrate the achievements of Black Montanans. 


This month we’ll be sharing posts in honor of the amazing Black Montanans who deserve to have their stories told and their histories known. Our first post is in honor of the Montana Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs, which at its peak in the 1920s, had more than 90 members in 15 clubs across Montana. Read more about their well-organized fight against segregation and discrimination.