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Say NO to SB 99 – An attack on the rights of trans and nonbinary youth

On pastel background, text says: It's go time! Say no to SB 99. SB 99 attacks the rights of 
trans, nonbinary, and Two Spirit youth. Bans gender-affirming care
Bans social transitioning at school
Harms trans youth & families
Penalizes physicians, therapists, and teachers HEARING 8am on Friday, January 27

All hands on deck! The first anti-transgender bill of the 2023 Legislative Session has a hearing on Friday, and we need everyone to pitch in to reject SB 99. Click here to register to testify via Zoom. by 5pm TODAY.

Two medical care bans proposed by Sen. John Fuller (R-Kalispell) during the 2021 Legislative Session were rejected by Montanans, and SB 99 is even more extreme. Transgender and nonbinary youth are specifically targeted in this bill using misinformation from well-funded national anti-LGBTQ+ groups – not medical professionals who have been researching and providing gender-affirming care for years. Click here to read MHRN’s Transgender Healthcare Guide, which is full of accurate information on gender-affirming care. 

Please contact the Senate Judiciary Committee and your senator and tell them that you support full rights, freedoms, privacy, and opportunities for LGBTQ+ Montanans. SB 99 has a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee at 8 am on Friday, January 27, and you can testify in person or online!

Let’s join together to make sure Montana is a place where everyone knows their rights are protected no matter who they are or who they love.

Contact your legislator
  • Send your message using the online form. There’s a dropdown menu to select the Senate Judiciary Committee.

  • Call the Capitol switchboard at 406-444-4800.

Testify or watch

  • We want to have a HUGE turnout to Friday’s hearing, but if you can’t come to Helena, no problem. Click here to register to testify online via Zoom. The deadline to register is 5pm on Thursday, January 26.

  • For in-person testimony, please arrive early. The hearing is scheduled for room 303 in the Capitol, but that could change.

SB 99 talking points

It’s fine to keep your message simple, so don’t feel obligated to write long paragraphs.

If you were going to send one message to the Senate Judiciary Committee and your Senator, we would recommend something like this: “
SB 99 is an attempt by government officials to interfere in people’s personal lives. People have the right to make private medical decisions with their families and trusted healthcare providers without red tape or unnecessary restrictions.”

Please keep in mind that all submissions will be part of the official record, so exercise care when including personal or identifying information.

Under SB 99:

  • Transgender youth would be denied crucial healthcare.

  • Health care professionals would be fined for providing the standard of care for youth. 

  • Severe penalties for physicians, therapists, and school officials who support trans youth, even those who are questioning their gender without medical intervention.

  • Youth needing hormone therapy for any reason could be denied care.

  • Legislators would be determining health care access, not physicians.

  • Studies show that when transgender youth are able to access medically appropriate medical care, suicidality drops by 70%.

  • Makes healthcare access more difficult for any family seeking medical attention for their child who is intersex or has a birth defect.

  • Destroys physicians’ ability to adhere to best practices established by years of research and approved by reputable medical associations.

  • Normalizes misinformation about transgender, nonbinary, and Two Spirit people and their healthcare needs.

  • Makes life more difficult for youth and families who already experience bullying and discrimination.

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