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Voter Protection Advice for Election Day 2022

We have received some questions asking if we expect to see voter suppression or intimidation tactics from armed militia members similar to what has been happening in Arizona. While it’s possible that radicalized individuals or groups could stage a presence at polling places, we’re not seeing a coordinated effort or major reason for concern at this time. Of course, anything is possible and, if you encounter such activity, please contact MHRN and call the Voter Protection Hotline at 406-888-VOTE (8683) with any voting-related irregularities you see or hear about.

Unfortunately, Montana is likely to see disruptions after ballots have been cast and while ballots are being counted. Missoula has been targeted by “election security” conspiracy theorists since the 2020 election, and MHRN knows of another group in Carbon County that has been trying to find errors in the voter file.

Another potential problem could come from so-called “constitutional sheriffs” in Montana. The national organization Protect America Now has been pushing for sheriffs to challenge legitimate elections under the guise of protecting “election integrity.” Depending on how some contested races go, right-wing extremists might lean on their local sheriffs to intervene. This fact sheet is a good overview about sheriffs and elections. “Constitutional sheriffs” don’t have the authority to determine elections, but that never seems to stop them from responding with misinformation and intimidation tactics.

MHRN will keep an eye on the situation and provide updates if needed.