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Statement on June 30 DPHHS hearing

Transgender, nonbinary, and Two Spirit Montanans, we are going to keep fighting for you. Here’s our response to the DPHHS hearing this morning on the emergency rule to prevent updates to birth certificates.
Montanans have spoken again. They have repeatedly told DPHHS that transgender Montanans must be allowed to update the gender marker on their personal identity documents without interference. LGBTQ+ community members and allies completely outnumbered opponents of equality at the hearing for the 2017 rule change, the hearing for SB 280 at the 2021 legislative session, and today’s hearing.
Dozens of Montana’s outstanding medical and mental health professionals, teachers, social workers, and clergy gave compelling statements. Most importantly, we heard from brave trans, nonbinary, and Two Spirit people about their daily experiences when they are blocked from the essential right to update their birth certificates. There is no reason for the state to act against the wishes of the public, especially when the benefits are immense, and public comments have decisively rejected the rule change.

DPHHS is still taking public comments via email until 5pm on July 8. You can use this form to send a message or email them at .