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Equality Montana Rejects Manzella’s Anti-LGBTQ+ Statements

A sign seen during the Rainbow Rally during the 2021 Montana Legislature.

A sign seen during the Rainbow Rally held during the 2021 Montana Legislature. Photo Credit: Janie Osborne

We are LGBTQ+ community members from all over Montana who heard Senator Manzella’s statement justifying violence against us. It was loud, it was clear, and it took place at an event where other speakers were spreading harmful misinformation about LGBTQ+ Montanans. We know that these kinds of statements increase discrimination and violence toward us. Manzella’s backpedaling and excuses are a clear attempt to avoid accountability.

To our fellow LGBTQ+ community members, we see you, and we’re going to keep fighting to make sure Montana is a place where you are accepted and treasured. It is unacceptable for you to have to endure hostility from elected public servants.

Allies, this is your time to act. Legislators need to hear from you. Senator Manzella’s actions are harmful and dangerous, and we need more people telling elected officials exactly that. Manzella is one of several legislators who supported anti-LGBTQ+ bills in the Montana Legislature this year, and we are depending on you to speak up to counter their misinformation.

Click here to find your legislators and get their contact information, then click here to see how they voted on HB 112, HB 113, HB 427, and SB 215. Please tell them that anti-LGBTQ+ statements and legislation aren’t welcome in Montana.

Shawn Reagor
Equality Montana Program Director

Equality Montana is a program of the Montana Human Rights Network.  To learn more, visit or email Shawn at