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Help MHRN Sustain Momentum Going Into 2022

Dear MHRN Supporter, 

The past year has been one of 
hard-won victories and heartbreaking setbacks. The 2021 legislative session proved to be one of the most challenging sessions on record, with unprecedented and relentless attacks on the rights and freedoms of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Extremist activity galvanized by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought violent, anti-science protests to school boards, health boards, and local governments across the state. 

The Montana Human Rights Network’s mission of 
Challenging Bigotry and Discrimination for Community, Equality and Justice has never been more important than right now. Your support is the keystone to making that mission a reality on-the-ground in Montana. With you on our side, bigotry and extremism will never go unchallenged. We are grateful to all of our supporters who help us keep that promise by rising to every challenge. As the year comes to a close, will you consider an extra year-end gift to help us begin 2022 energized and resourced for whatever may come next? 

On January 6
th of this year, white nationalists stormed the U.S. Capitol Building in a brazen attack on our democracy. With some of our own Montana elected officials still applauding and normalizing that attack, the Montana Human Rights Network remains laser focused on the threat white nationalism presents to our communities and local governments. The Montana Human Rights Network’s Combating White Nationalism and Defending Democracy staff tracks the explosive growth of militia groups across the state and ensures communities facing extremist activity are never left to fight alone.  

Meanwhile, Our Equality Montana program continues to defend against anti-LGBTQ+ attacks, advocate for policies that increase LGBTQ+ protections, and through the Montana Gender Alliance ensures LGBTQ+ Montanans always know where they can go for support, friendship, and community. While the challenges are undeniable, the Montana Human Rights Network continues to believe that joy is an essential tool of resistance. 

We have gathered Montanans for events such as the Rainbow Rally during the legislative session, the “Better Together” community gathering in St. Regis, the annual Montana Gender Alliance Campout, and fun fueled celebrations at Big Sky Pride. These gatherings are important reminders that there is always light in the dark and community and solidarity are the brightest sources of light on Earth.  

We cannot do any of this work without you. By speaking up to elected officials, you have  pushed back on misguided, radical policies. By showing up at public rallies and other events, you have helped protect our communities and made sure that there is a place in Montana for everyone. 
Can we count on you to chip in one more time to support the work that means so much to us all? You can make a contribution to support our work here.

On behalf of the Montana Human Rights Network, thank you for all you do.


In Gratitude, 

Team MHRN: Angelina, Carissa, Cherilyn, Paxton, Shawn & Travis 

PS – Every dollar you donate today will go directly to fighting bigotry and discrimination and building joy and resilience in communities all over Montana.