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Montana Human Rights Network Announces New Executive Director 

The Montana Human Rights Network Board of Directors has hired Dr. Angelina L. González-Aller as its new Executive Director.  


Angelina is a researcher, educator, organizer, and seasoned non-profit professional. She has an extensive background in public policy and years of experience as a research and policy analyst at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Center for Health Policy at the University of New Mexico.  An experienced community organizer. Angelina is a longstanding trainer with the Montana Racial Equity Project and a cofounder of Earthtone Outside MT, an organization dedicated to elevating the visibility of Montana’s diverse outdoor enthusiasts.  


“I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunity to build a safer and just future for everyone who calls Montana home,” said González-Aller. “Montana has a growing consciousness that recognizes inequities are fracturing our state.  I’m eager to work with the Network to make sure Montana is a place free of hate where everyone has an opportunity to thrive.”  


In 2018, Angelina completed a PhD in political science, specializing in racial and ethnic studies, health disparities, and U.S. policymaking. Born and raised in New Mexico, Angelina moved to Bozeman in 2017, and enjoys hiking, biking, climbing, and many other outdoor adventures around Montana.  Most recently she was the program manager of the Center for Large Landscape Conservation’s Community Resilience Program where she worked to help communities prepare for a changing climate and achieve community-directed conservation goals.   

Angelina is a positive and energetic leader who is already working alongside MHRN’s staff, board, and supporters to help create robust solutions that will counter the rise in far-right extremism that is spreading across Montana,” said board chair Eldena Bear Don’t Walk. “She will also guide our growing efforts on racial equity, LGBTQ equality, and economic justice that make our state safer and stronger. With these considerable skills and a shared vision to build diverse relationships across Montana, we are excited to chart a course for the next 30 years.“

An Introductory Letter from Angelina

Dear Friends and Partners, 

I am honored and excited to begin a new chapter with the Montana Human Rights Network as the new Executive Director. Now is a challenging and vital time to try to dismantle systemic oppression and build a more just future for our state. As far-right extremists attempt to attack the basic rights of the LGBTQ+  community, normalize discrimination against Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, and undermine the foundations of our democracy, I am honored to serve in this role.

I am grateful for the work the Montana Human Rights Network has done for the past 30 years, and I am deeply committed to creating a better future for those who have been denied dignity and justice.

The past few years have been incredibly challenging for all of us, but the dedicated staff of the Montana Human Rights Network continue to exceed expectations, find innovative ways to serve community members, and shape crucial policies in some of the most challenging conditions imaginable. Your support has been instrumental in this process. On behalf of the staff and board, thank you.

I am grateful to inherit a foundation of excellence crafted by the previous co-directors of the Network, Kim Abbott and Rachel Carroll Rivas.  I want to thank Kim and Rachel for their tireless efforts which transformed MHRN into one of the region’s leading human rights organizations. As the new executive director, I will keep you informed on our progress and growth as I work toward achieving strategic priorities that will support those who face discrimination in Montana. These include:

  • Bolstering our strong, engaged network of supporters,

  • The continued development of our staff and core programs, and

  • Transformative commitments to racial justice, equity, and inclusion

I look forward to getting to know you — our donors, volunteers, partners, and neighbors — when we can safely meet in person. Please stay tuned for some upcoming COVID-19-safe events and virtual gatherings that will help connect us during these challenging times. 

The MHRN team and I are eager to work with you and look for every opportunity to build a more just, inclusive, and beautiful Montana.



Angelina L. González-Aller