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Don’t Let Militias Interfere with Elections

We know that national militia groups are talking about turning out at polling locations to intimidate voters. The likelihood of this happening increased following President Trump encouraging such behavior. This threatens the safety and security of our election process.

While most of Montana will be voting by mail, locations where votes are being counted and polling places for those who choose to use them may be targeted. Militia voter intimidation is always bad for the democratic process. We need your eyes and ears this Election season!

If at any point during the election process, you encounter militia members trying to obstruct or intimidate voters, MHRN wants to know. This type of activity is illegal under Montana Code. Please send a report to MHRN at and call/text 1-406-888-VOTE. MHRN wants to do our part to make sure our elections are safe for everyone, including voters, election judges, and those tallying results.