The Montana Human Rights Network has a long history of working for human rights, racial justice and responding to bigotry. The Combating White Nationalism and Defending Democracy program works to expose, diffuse and respond to racism, white nationalism and the extreme right by: producing original content research reports or briefings, stopping bad legislation, sharing best practices in messaging the issue, being pro-active and taking rapid response on these issues, making our research database accessible to supporters, creating model policies and practices for communities, and educating the public through community presentations. Montana Human Rights Network builds on MHRN’s current and previous programmatic work to continue the growth of new leaders in efforts for human rights, racial justice and combating white nationalism.

MHRN seeks an intern for 10-15 hours per week for 16 weeks (estimated 180 hours). The purpose of this educational internship is for the Intern to learn about the organization’s work and to gain valuable insight and experience. The Organization agrees to provide the intern with ample activities, learning opportunities, and skill building opportunities to the Intern.
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