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Love Lives Here Presents “After the Rallies” Webinar

Rallies are excellent ways to speak up for important issues, but what happens when the rallies are over? 


Love Lives Here knows that the work of dismantling discrimination never ends. It organized an online event designed to help people understand the ongoing, essential work that’s necessary to dismantle white supremacy and systemic racism in our communities and ourselves.


This edited recording of the webinar includes:

  • A time to hear the names of the people who have been killed recently by police and racial violence.

  • Thoughts from Indigenous community members. 

  • Action items to support local Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people and organizations.  

For this video that’s available to the public, we decided to not include the portion of the webinar containing a presentation by Tobin Miller Shearer. We made this decision due to the harassment Shearer has faced from white nationalists.