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Love Lives Here Presents “Identifying Fake News During COVID-19”

Our affiliate Love Lives Here noticed that misinformation and conspiracy theories are flying around during COVID-19. In Kalispell, the group sees how false information is eroding trust in public health and medical professionals who are trying to prevent the spread during this pandemic.

Love Lives Here contacted Julie Edwards from Humanities Montana to provide information about how to recognize and react constructively to false information that is all too prevalent today. Here’s what you’ll learn in the video: 

– Understand how emotions drive reactions
– Examine the power of cognitive bias
– Find out how funding drives disinformation and misinformation
– See how clickbait hooks readers

Edwards brings 15 years of experience as a librarian in public and academic libraries. She has an MS in Library & Information Science (University of Illinois, 2005) and has worked, published, and presented internationally on issues related to librarianship and information. She is passionate about helping individuals think critically, even when – especially when – that’s unfashionable.