A couple of weeks ago, the Montana Human Rights Network posted an article about how anti-government activists in the Flathead were organizing against public health efforts by the City of Kalispell to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Our local affiliate, Loves Lives Here, provides this update about the situation.

COVID-19 has dominated the news in the Flathead Valley, and it’s kicked up a strain of extremism, too. The situation in the Flathead Valley is a little complicated, so buckle up for this post — and rest assured that we’re watching everything carefully.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Here’s an overview for those of you who don’t need every detail. In early April, Dr. Annie Bukacek released a video of misinformation about COVID-19 that she’s using to promote anti-government talking points taken straight from dangerous “patriot” extremists like Ammon Bundy. Since then, we’ve discovered that she’s connected with a group of local anti-government activists who are threatening local officials and trying to get businesses to defy public health directives from the state and county.

Along the way, we were reminded that the Flathead County Commission appointed Bukacek to the City-County Health Board late last year without allowing for a public comment period. In spite of community objections to her recent actions, the commissioners are (so far) refusing to make this topic an agenda item for future meetings. If that’s all the information you need, here’s what you can do about this situation.

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