Anti-Choice Doctor Undermines Public Health in Kalispell

An anti-choice doctor previously investigated for Medicaid fraud is leading the charge against public health in Kalispell. Dr. Annie Bukacek is already well known to the Far Right in Montana, and she is now trying to gain attention by criticizing public health advice designed to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bukacek’s history includes discriminatory views about LGBTQ+ people, opposition to church-state separation in public schools, taking anti-vaccine positions, and her bizarre tactic of using tiny plastic fetus replicas during her efforts opposing women’s reproductive health access in Montana.


Earlier this week, the Kalispell City Council followed most other Montana localities and declared a state of emergency due to COIVD-19. This action allowed the city to access emergency funding and gain more flexibility in responding to the pandemic. It also allowed the city to enforce the Governor’s shelter-in-place policy to help contain the spread of COVID-19. This action is designed to preserve public health. However, anti-government talking points and misinformation quickly escalated, claiming such precautions attacked constitutional rights. Annie Bukacek has been the ringleader opposing the city council’s action.
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