Organizations and individuals across Montana collaborate to reduce racism and bigotry and increase empathy, compassion and understanding as COVID-19 advances


Social and racial justice experts and organizations across Montana have came together for a 90-minute webinar to demonstrate how they are providing constructive community responses in light of the global pandemic. This session equipped Montanans with historical context as well as inform them of the prevailing social and racial justice issues the state is facing and the initiatives that have been created in response.

Partnering organizations:
Montana Human Rights Network
Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council
Montana Racial Equity Project
Missoula Urban Indian Health Center
Missoula’s IDEA

Tina Has The Eagle, Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council
Ivan MacDonald, Urban Indian Health Center
Meshayla Cox, Montana Racial Equity Project
Rachel Carroll Rivas, Montana Human Rights Network
Tobin Shearer, Director of African American Studies and Associate professor of History
Vasu Sojitra, Earthtone Outside MT and Athlete Activist
Jamar Galbreath, Missoula’s IDEA , EmpowerMT
Alex Kim, Missoula’s IDEA, EmpowerMT

Co Hosts: Alex Kim Jamar Galbreath

Format: Each organization and Individual spoke about Racial and Social Justice issues across the state.


As we are all dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, social and racial justice organizations across the state have come together to create a 90-minute webinar from 2:00 to 3:30 p.m. on Friday, April 3, 2020. The webinar will feature a series of 10-minute presentations that will inform and equip Montanans with current and historical information about key social and racial justice issues and initiatives.

Representatives from the groups below will be discussing specific issues that are arising and the ways these organizations and professionals are providing constructive community responses.
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