Human Rights Network Issues Report on Kirk, Turning Point USA


Charlie Kirk, the founder and leader of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), is scheduled to speak at an event for the Flathead County Republican Central Committee this weekend. Since Kirk has made a career out of spreading misinformation, the Montana Human Rights Network (MHRN) is issuing a report examining the divisive beliefs of Kirk and TPUSA, including staffers like Candace Owens and campus chapters around the country.

Titled Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA: Bringing a Minor League Version of White Nationalism to Montana, MHRN’s report is one of the most comprehensive reviews of  TPUSA activity to date. It details how Kirk and TPUSA have built their reputations by organizing conservative students on campus, targeting faculty, and funneling money into campus elections. It also delves into TPUSA’s constant problems when it comes to white nationalism and its staffers making racist and anti-Semitic statements.  


“Our reference to ‘minor league’ in no way means Kirk and TPUSA should be underestimated,” says MHRN’s Travis McAdam. “Instead, it refers to TPUSA functioning as a minor league program for white nationalism. Hardcore white nationalists view TPUSA as prime recruiting ground where students are introduced to racist concepts and then can be moved up to more militant ranks.”

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