The Bundys, Imprisoned Militia Leader are Favorites of “OUR West” Group


A website originally created to be an online vehicle for the region’s most notorious anti-Indian activist continues to solidify its ideological connection to anti-government “patriots.” Recently, the website has rallied support for a militiaman currently serving more than 25 years in federal prison for conspiring to murder a judge and law enforcement officers. Instead of being an aberration, this fits closely with the direction the site, and the group behind it, have been headed.


While “This West is OUR West” started out as a website, it has evolved into a group taking action in the real world. Initially when the site launched in 2016, it served as a home for the writings and videos of Elaine Willman, the most prominent anti-Indian activist in the Pacific Northwest. The anti-Indian movement seeks to eradicate the treaty rights guaranteed to American Indians and uses tactics that amplify discrimination and bigotry towards American Indians. Willman moved to Montana a few years ago specifically to fight against the treaty rights of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes.
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