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The Montana Human Rights Network has been working for decades to protect and expand human rights in the policy arena at the Montana legislature. The Network takes a values based approach to our policy work. The Network works to bring proactive human rights legislation such as: the expansion of the state's hate crimes laws to include bias-based crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity; ending the death penalty; funding vital public services; closing the wage gap for women; and protecting American Indian soverignty and rights. In addition, the Network works to stop legislation that hurts our communites. We oppose bills that are anti-democratic, homophobic, racist, xenophobic, and those that seek to cut vital programs and services. Our efforts are a combination of direct lobbying and encouraging civic engagement. We work hard to not only be the voice for equity, social justice, and human rights at the Montana Capitol, but we keep our membership informed of issues that will effect them and their neighbors and facilitate their own engagement in the process.

Some Legislative News

Our Voting Records

"Serving in the Montana House of Representatives, I appreciate the courageous witness of MHRN, as legislation threatens the basic human and constitutional rights of women, immigrants, gays and lesbians or minority groups." – Rep. Margie MacDonald, Billings

"As a Montana legislator, it was extremely important to get timely and accurate information. The Network could be counted on for key information on issues pertaining to the rights of ALL Montanans. As a woman from a very rural area, I also know that the Network will always be there, speaking up and working on my behalf." –Julie French, Former Representative, Scobey

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