The Montana Abolition Coalition

The Network, as part of the Montana Abolition Coalition, is educating the public about the death penalty and, ultimately, working to repeal the death sentence in Montana.


6 Reasons to Support Abolition of the Death Penalty


Help the Network Abolish the Death Penalty in Montana
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The Death Penalty as the Ultimate, Irreversible Denial of Human Rights Justifying Abolition

Talking Points
How to Talk about Abolishing the Death Penalty in Montana
  • Racial, economic and political biases permeate our legal system.
  • Evidence suggests that hundreds of errors have occurred in spite of safeguards designed to guarantee that no innocent people are executed.
  • Structural inequities exist in the death penalty's use and make it unjust.
  • The exonerations of innocent people have shown that human error is inherent in our criminal justice system.
  • 95% of defendants charged with capital crimes are impoverished and cannot afford their own attorney to represent them.
  • The death penalty is a denial of our human rights.
  • Montana can offer life without possibility of parole as an alternative to a death sentence.
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